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“Não vai acontecer” George A Romero sobre o Apocalipse Zumbi

&nbsp; Em entrevista ao site vanityfair George A Romero disse que o apocalipse zumbi não vai acontecer, e que nada disso é real . You don’t think civilization is going to be destroyed someday by an army of the undead? Max Brooks wrote this great book called The Zombie Survival Guide, and it’s good fun. But I think Max in the back of his mind thinks it could possibly happen. He does these lectures and he brings all these weapons onstage and explains the best way to kill a zombie. I keep saying to him, “Max, none of this is real! It’s not gonna happen! Believe me, it’s not gonna happen!” (Laughs.) But maybe he’s right and I’m wrong and I’ll get hoisted on my own petard. &nbsp; E agora o que eu faço com os enlatados que juntei todos esses anos ?